Consulting for Walmart


Maize Project

As a one month challenge with The Knowledge Society, I got the chance to work with two other TKS students to tackle the question: "How do we [Walmart] recreate the physical store environment to be exciting and engaging for customers, by offering new services and experiences?" 

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Synthis is an idea that came out of a one month moonshot challenge with TKS. My team and I came up with a solar panel that is 5X more efficient than current solar panels which is made out of purple non sulfur bacteria. Our bacterial solar panels are truly renewable and have the capability to transform the renewable energy field.

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After one year of reading hundreds of research papers and talking with experts in the GMO space, I have created a plan for a transgenic strand of maize that can provide food for millions more people by being pest resistant, heat tolerant, water efficient, nutrient dense and producing larger yields.

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Debunking myths about quantum computing

Bacteria could cure cancer.

What I learned from running a marathon at 15

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Using cyanobacteria to create fertilizer in South Africa

Real Growth Can Not Be Measured. It Is Internal, Not External.

Effective Fertilizer From Organic Waste in South Africa

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I'm Rachel. 

Lack of Access to Pain Relief in Armenia 

Connecting the dots between food insecurity, fertilizer, inflation and transportation in Sub Saharan Africa

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From Trash to Treasure

A Scrollytelling Story: Anaerobic Digestion in South Africa

The Difference Between Non-Homologous End Joining and Homology Dependent Recombination

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Vlog | Attending Collision 2022

Creating a Biosynthetic Pathway in Oryza Sativ for β-Carotene: A Review Article of Golden Rice

Interview on the Croptastic Podcast

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Nanomaterial production

Coke, Cramps, and Cedar Trees: Running My First 50km Ultramarathon

What Needs to Change to Scale Renewable Diesel Around the World

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Corn that can end poverty?!

How water could fix our broken food production system

Breakdown of complex terms in gene editing

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A full overview of quantum computing

Is light a wave or a particle?

A programming language for bacteria

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How I genetically modified E.Coli bacteria using CRISPR-Cas9

Using CRISPR-Cas9 to Genetically Modify the Cassava Plant to be Resistant to Cassava Mosaic Disease

The Lie We're Told About GMOs

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Why is the scientific revolution important?

Hiking the Sleeping Giant *creepy salamander frogs and giant slugs*

The scientific revolution: what it is

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